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Yamaha School Concert 2012

Date:26/08/2012 11:30 - 26/08/2012 12:30

Place:null,St Andrews Street,Brighton,Victoria,Australia


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Yamaha School Concert 2012

Proceed to the auditorium and report to your child's teacher 10 minutes before the scheduled commencement of your concert. Your child will be supervised by the teachers through a concert.

Please be mindful of people around you when taking photos/video of your child- avoid obstructing their view.
Please also respect other people's privacy and do not post any of the concert on Utube (or similar) unless it is ONLY your child/ren

There is strictly no food or drink allowed in the auditorium at any time during the concert.

Ticket is for free

Please Allow plenty of time to finding parking in the surrounding streets.

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