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Be Prepared for a Recession In Australia

by culture at31/05/2016 08:36 comments 0  

US is going to raise interest rate in " coming month ", but China, Europe and Japan economy are slowing. My view is that in the next 6 to 12 month market will be more volatile, and cracks may came out either Europe or China.<br /><br />There are no cheer in Australia economy, specially after decade long mining boom. For Australia, need a big breath and to adjust in economy framework, tax system and social security system. I think need to be prepared for a recession or asset price adjustment for at least next 3-5 years. House price would be a big thing to watch. I would like to recommend the buyers or investor to have extra caution to your assets in Housing.<br /><br />This is only my personal view, please do your own research.

RMB will Depreciate in 2015

by culture at23/12/2014 11:36 comments 0  

I think in 2015, RMB and Chinese Assets will depreciate. Shang Hai composite index may hit near 4000 - 4800 to compensate RMB depreciation. <br /><br />Just my own views, do your own research.

2014 Emerging Market Crisis ?

by culture at03/03/2014 20:28 comments 0  

Ukraine crisis, is this the start of the crash of emerging market? Specially BRIC, the four big emerging markets.<br /><br />2014 seems a big year for investors. Have we prepared?

Shanghai Composite Index More Fall to come

by culture at28/11/2012 10:59 comments 0  

Yesterday China Shanghai composite index falls under 2000 points since 2009.<br /><br />Chinese economic reforms still long way to go, but social issues already show signs of cracks everywhere. Japan economy going to be further debt and Europe still in debt crisis, US consumers demands still in very early stage of recovery. China so called world factory will suffer. <br /><br />I think Shanghai composite index will fall near 1500 points, if new governments can find solutions to restructure their exporting type of the economy, otherwise will see further fall.<br /><br />If it happens, then will hurting domestic economy, such like housing, retail consumption and challenge their financial systems.<br /><br />2013 would be very important year to watch.<br /><br />This is my own view, please do your own research.

Aussie Dollar

by culture at27/07/2012 09:50 comments 0  

I have predicted Aussie Dollar will fall at 12-17 June, now look at that prediction as bit like a joke. Aussie Dollar is well above $ 1 USD.<br /><br />I am still very bearish on Aussie Dollar, and I believe will back to USD 70 - 90 cents very soon. I think should see it happen in couple months. <br /><br />This is my own view, Please do your own research.