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Feng Shui

by music at23/05/2012 14:43 comments 0  

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese mythology for better living, health, wealth, fortune and family relationship. Base on Yin and Yang, and five elements philosophy, Feng Shui is more focused on how to improve good energy in Places which human are often in and out, such as home, house, office, and working places.<br /><br />Energy is a very abstract definition, and how to improve and get good energy? That would make many queries. Feng Shui philosophy, rules and measurement are just helping and determine how. According Chinese philosophy, Energy divided by 5 types. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These Energy has a creation cycle Wood Creates Fire, Fire Creates Earth, Earth Creates Metal, Metal Creates Water, Water Creates Wood. On the other hand, They can be against each other, to reduce the opposition. Water reduces Fire, Metal reduces Wood, Earth reduces Water, Fire reduces Metal, and Wood reduces Earth. <br /><br />These Five different energy then applied on our real life, so we can see, feel, eat, smell and listen to. Such as Wood energy represents tree, grass and green color, Water energy represents water, river, pond and black color and so on.<br />