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European Debt Crisis or Democracy Problem 2

by culture at25/05/2012 13:37 comments 0  

October last year, when Euro Zone offers Greece assistance funds, the ex prime minster George Papandreou was calling for a referendum, is very unpopular moves treated by Euro Zone leaders and no welcoming in domestic politics either, then he surrender his position. Six month later, the election was ended in a disaster, and Two weeks negotiation, Greece can’t even form a government. If Greek hold a referendum at time, may be in some way is not good for the economy and is not good for their financial position, but that would be people’s decision, and for better or worse, people will take it and face it. 17th June result, may not save the country been falling out and end of the June they will face to run out cash in government.<br /><br />France and Holland are in similar way, they have voted the oppositions in power to express their anger. Soon all eyes will focus on German. We are living in a democracy society, and we believing in this system, but when thing goes wrong and very wrong, should we ask is that current democracy system is not so perfect, or we still give those smart politician too much power to represent us? <br />

European Debt Crisis or Democracy Problem 1

by culture at25/05/2012 13:34 comments 0  

Greek is the centre of the current European debt crisis. How to solve the Greek sovereign debt crisis will affect the concept of Euro zone, and can Greece and those countries in similar situations are able to stay in the Euro zone? and face all kinds of economical and financial challenge? Can Euro the single currency will survive? <br /><br />People may ask why Happens in Europe? and Why in Euro Zone? And how we get out from it? No one can answer that without thinking and thinking, debates after debates, but one thing is for sure, all should blame on mismanagement from Euro Zone politicians. The concept of single currency and strong Euro Zone economy are nothing wrong, but those heads are forgetting the democracy systems and procedures. More debt issues unfold and more countries involve in and proof the politicians in Euro Zone forget the democracy. Greek, France and Holland all are good examples.<br />