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Michael Louey a True Champion

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Michael Louey is a table tennis champion in Australia . He and 2 team mates are competing in the seventh Asia Pacific Deaf games in Seoul, South Korea. His team came 5th out of 10 countries. It is a great result and great achievement for him, his team mates and Australia.

Michael Louey was born in Portland, Victoria. He lived in Melbourne most of his life before moving to Canberra in 2007 to work in the government sector.

As a student, Michael went to a mainstream school with a hearing unit. Being Deaf, he faced challenges in communicating and accessing language in his schooling. However, he found his niche in the sports arena which greatly boosted his confidence. As a child, Michael loved various sports including Aussie Rules football, soccer, badminton and basketball. Of all the sports he played, he enjoyed football the most.

Michael started playing table tennis at the age of 15 at school. In 1991 he first joined a hearing club at the Croydon & District Table Tennis Association. He developed his skills in table tennis by watching top players playing in “A” grade competitions and watching videos on the sport. Even today, Michael has only had a few coaching lessons.

Michael chose table tennis as his main sport because he thought it was fun, exciting and a challenging game that kept him fit. Table tennis is also a game he feels he can continue playing for as long as he wants. He claims table tennis can become a life-long sport and is proud to specialise in it.

Michael has a note of encouragement for aspiring Deaf athletes out there in the Deaf community.

“I would encourage many young Deaf athletes to join table tennis or participate in a sport. Deaf sports players can make a positive impact on future Deaf athletes by being good role models. Representing Australia is a dream come true.”

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