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Linsanity Lose Shine

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People who love basket ball, and follow NBA games, will know Linsanity, Jeremy Lin, since he traded to Huston Rockets, so far he did not perform well, and would be getting even worse.

Many think he just not have the ability and skills in first place, some would argue he is still recover from the knee operation.

I think we need to understand that, Jeremy is a point guard and very good one. He need to handle the ball, and read the game, and decide how to play the game. you can not ask him to find spot and waiting the pass then shoot, that is not his position. for game strategy that may be can work some times but not always.

If without the team trust, coach realize and let him to handle the ball and organize the whole game, he would be not back to his peak performance and team would not win the games. Harden is good player and super star, but he is not a point guard, he is not the game reader and organizer, as long as Rockets not recognize this simple matter, they would not success, Just waste another super Star Jeremy Lin.

Lin will be shine again, just in waiting of right coach, right time and right place.

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