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Be Prepared for a Recession In Australia

by culture at31/05/2016 08:36 comments 0  

US is going to raise interest rate in " coming month ", but China, Europe and Japan economy are slowing. My view is that in the next 6 to 12 month market will be more volatile, and cracks may came out either Europe or China.<br /><br />There are no cheer in Australia economy, specially after decade long mining boom. For Australia, need a big breath and to adjust in economy framework, tax system and social security system. I think need to be prepared for a recession or asset price adjustment for at least next 3-5 years. House price would be a big thing to watch. I would like to recommend the buyers or investor to have extra caution to your assets in Housing.<br /><br />This is only my personal view, please do your own research.

RMB will Depreciate in 2015

by culture at23/12/2014 11:36 comments 0  

I think in 2015, RMB and Chinese Assets will depreciate. Shang Hai composite index may hit near 4000 - 4800 to compensate RMB depreciation. <br /><br />Just my own views, do your own research.

2014 Emerging Market Crisis ?

by culture at03/03/2014 20:28 comments 0  

Ukraine crisis, is this the start of the crash of emerging market? Specially BRIC, the four big emerging markets.<br /><br />2014 seems a big year for investors. Have we prepared?

Life Chart - Chinese 4 Pillows Astrology

by culture at05/10/2013 19:02 comments 0  

Ancient Chinese believe the way of nature, and according to the nature way they had <br /><br />created a series of natural philosophy. Their intention is not to tell the fortune or predict <br /><br />future, but rather to provide knowledge and information for every human being to know <br /><br />and understand themselves, in order to live better and have a prosperous life.<br />According to birth year, month, date and hour, ancient Chinese created 4 pillars astrology. It <br /><br />can calculate out your health, body energy, lucky number, colour, nature destiny, astrology <br /><br />stars and future fortunes. <br />

Shanghai Composite Index More Fall to come

by culture at28/11/2012 10:59 comments 0  

Yesterday China Shanghai composite index falls under 2000 points since 2009.<br /><br />Chinese economic reforms still long way to go, but social issues already show signs of cracks everywhere. Japan economy going to be further debt and Europe still in debt crisis, US consumers demands still in very early stage of recovery. China so called world factory will suffer. <br /><br />I think Shanghai composite index will fall near 1500 points, if new governments can find solutions to restructure their exporting type of the economy, otherwise will see further fall.<br /><br />If it happens, then will hurting domestic economy, such like housing, retail consumption and challenge their financial systems.<br /><br />2013 would be very important year to watch.<br /><br />This is my own view, please do your own research.

Linsanity Lose Shine

by games at23/11/2012 12:23 comments 0  

People who love basket ball, and follow NBA games, will know Linsanity, Jeremy Lin, since he traded to Huston Rockets, so far he did not perform well, and would be getting even worse.<br /><br />Many think he just not have the ability and skills in first place, some would argue he is still recover from the knee operation.<br /><br />I think we need to understand that, Jeremy is a point guard and very good one. He need to handle the ball, and read the game, and decide how to play the game. you can not ask him to find spot and waiting the pass then shoot, that is not his position. for game strategy that may be can work some times but not always.<br /><br />If without the team trust, coach realize and let him to handle the ball and organize the whole game, he would be not back to his peak performance and team would not win the games. Harden is good player and super star, but he is not a point guard, he is not the game reader and organizer, as long as Rockets not recognize this simple matter, they would not success, Just waste another super Star Jeremy Lin.<br /><br />Lin will be shine again, just in waiting of right coach, right time and right place.

Rice Paper Sample

by helen at17/10/2012 06:38 comments 0  

I would recommend the rice paper sample pack, 20 sheets of paper, A5 in size. Each sheet has been numbered carefully relating to a cover sheet that documents each paper and the price by sheet or metre. This is such a wonderful reference pack for working with rice paper. I found dealing with David from Chinese Culture a pleasure. He provided an excellent service and answered all my questions very promptly by email. Will look forward to using my rice paper.

Lexus LF-LC

by games at27/07/2012 15:04 comments 0  

Car lovers, do you know Lexus going to have a new coupe? <br /><br />Looks great in pictures ! <br /><br />Lexus may have a real sports coupe for fans soon. Can not wait for a test drive !

Aussie Dollar

by culture at27/07/2012 09:50 comments 0  

I have predicted Aussie Dollar will fall at 12-17 June, now look at that prediction as bit like a joke. Aussie Dollar is well above $ 1 USD.<br /><br />I am still very bearish on Aussie Dollar, and I believe will back to USD 70 - 90 cents very soon. I think should see it happen in couple months. <br /><br />This is my own view, Please do your own research.

Audi SQ5

by games at19/06/2012 16:44 comments 0  

Audi new SQ5 will come out soon, will fill in the gap for performance SUV, it is a smart move, and waiting for the official price announcement. If anyone is real performance SUV fun should have a good look of Porsche Macan. Should be a better choice for real engine and performance. Hope Porsche does not disappointing us.

Michael Louey a True Champion

by culture at13/06/2012 11:17 comments 0  

Michael Louey is a table tennis champion in Australia . He and 2 team mates are competing in the seventh Asia Pacific Deaf games in Seoul, South Korea. His team came 5th out of 10 countries. It is a great result and great achievement for him, his team mates and Australia.<br /><br />Michael Louey was born in Portland, Victoria. He lived in Melbourne most of his life before moving to Canberra in 2007 to work in the government sector.<br /><br />As a student, Michael went to a mainstream school with a hearing unit. Being Deaf, he faced challenges in communicating and accessing language in his schooling. However, he found his niche in the sports arena which greatly boosted his confidence. As a child, Michael loved various sports including Aussie Rules football, soccer, badminton and basketball. Of all the sports he played, he enjoyed football the most.<br /><br />Michael started playing table tennis at the age of 15 at school. In 1991 he first joined a hearing club at the Croydon & District Table Tennis Association. He developed his skills in table tennis by watching top players playing in “A” grade competitions and watching videos on the sport. Even today, Michael has only had a few coaching lessons.<br /><br />Michael chose table tennis as his main sport because he thought it was fun, exciting and a challenging game that kept him fit. Table tennis is also a game he feels he can continue playing for as long as he wants. He claims table tennis can become a life-long sport and is proud to specialise in it.<br /><br />Michael has a note of encouragement for aspiring Deaf athletes out there in the Deaf community.<br /><br />“I would encourage many young Deaf athletes to join table tennis or participate in a sport. Deaf sports players can make a positive impact on future Deaf athletes by being good role models. Representing Australia is a dream come true.”<br /><br /><br />

European Debt Crisis or Democracy Problem 2

by culture at25/05/2012 13:37 comments 0  

October last year, when Euro Zone offers Greece assistance funds, the ex prime minster George Papandreou was calling for a referendum, is very unpopular moves treated by Euro Zone leaders and no welcoming in domestic politics either, then he surrender his position. Six month later, the election was ended in a disaster, and Two weeks negotiation, Greece can’t even form a government. If Greek hold a referendum at time, may be in some way is not good for the economy and is not good for their financial position, but that would be people’s decision, and for better or worse, people will take it and face it. 17th June result, may not save the country been falling out and end of the June they will face to run out cash in government.<br /><br />France and Holland are in similar way, they have voted the oppositions in power to express their anger. Soon all eyes will focus on German. We are living in a democracy society, and we believing in this system, but when thing goes wrong and very wrong, should we ask is that current democracy system is not so perfect, or we still give those smart politician too much power to represent us? <br />

European Debt Crisis or Democracy Problem 1

by culture at25/05/2012 13:34 comments 0  

Greek is the centre of the current European debt crisis. How to solve the Greek sovereign debt crisis will affect the concept of Euro zone, and can Greece and those countries in similar situations are able to stay in the Euro zone? and face all kinds of economical and financial challenge? Can Euro the single currency will survive? <br /><br />People may ask why Happens in Europe? and Why in Euro Zone? And how we get out from it? No one can answer that without thinking and thinking, debates after debates, but one thing is for sure, all should blame on mismanagement from Euro Zone politicians. The concept of single currency and strong Euro Zone economy are nothing wrong, but those heads are forgetting the democracy systems and procedures. More debt issues unfold and more countries involve in and proof the politicians in Euro Zone forget the democracy. Greek, France and Holland all are good examples.<br />

Feng Shui

by music at23/05/2012 14:43 comments 0  

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese mythology for better living, health, wealth, fortune and family relationship. Base on Yin and Yang, and five elements philosophy, Feng Shui is more focused on how to improve good energy in Places which human are often in and out, such as home, house, office, and working places.<br /><br />Energy is a very abstract definition, and how to improve and get good energy? That would make many queries. Feng Shui philosophy, rules and measurement are just helping and determine how. According Chinese philosophy, Energy divided by 5 types. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These Energy has a creation cycle Wood Creates Fire, Fire Creates Earth, Earth Creates Metal, Metal Creates Water, Water Creates Wood. On the other hand, They can be against each other, to reduce the opposition. Water reduces Fire, Metal reduces Wood, Earth reduces Water, Fire reduces Metal, and Wood reduces Earth. <br /><br />These Five different energy then applied on our real life, so we can see, feel, eat, smell and listen to. Such as Wood energy represents tree, grass and green color, Water energy represents water, river, pond and black color and so on.<br />

Binary Domain

by culture at20/05/2012 08:19 comments 0  

Binary Domain is an original squad-based shooter by Toshihiro Nagoshi, the creator behind some of SEGA’s most well-known video game franchises, including the critically acclaimed Yakuza series. Binary Domain puts players in the middle of a fast paced and intense battle for humanity in a robot-invaded 2080 Tokyo. Fighting through the derelict lower levels of the city, players control an international peace-keeping squad that soon starts to question their surroundings and the choices they make. Are the robots becoming more human, or are humans becoming more like machines?

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