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Premium Chinese Tea Gift Box

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Premium Chinese Tea Gift Box

This Gift Box selected 6 different premium Chinese Tea, suitable for who just beginning to love Chinese Tea, or prefer to experience different varieties.

1. Dragon Well Green Tea

    Dragon Well Green Tea grows in West Lake in Hang Zhou China, and has near 1200 years history. Dragon Well Green Tea looks like jade color, nature and strong fragrance, taste smooth and premium dragon well tea each one only have three or two tea shoots. The premium Green tea is picked before April each year. Because it is unfermented, so can only keep for 18 month, and store in fridge.



2. Green Spiral Tea

    Green Spiral Tea grows in Tai Hu Lake in Su Zhou China, and appointed as imperial tea after Kang Xi Emperor nearly 400 years ago. It was well known as Strong Fruit fragrance, great smooth taste, and beautiful fresh green color. It is unfermented tea, and need to store in fridge and after open best drink before 18 month.


3. Dragon Pearl Flower Tea

    Dragon Pearl Flower Tea grows in Gui Ling China. Dry Jasmine flower has been wrapped and rolled in with Great white tea. It is combined Jasmine and white tea fragrance, bit darker green color and bit sweet and smooth taste. It not only a great tea to enjoy, but also can improve the function of Stomach, and popular for hundreds years.


4. Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea

    Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea Grows in An Xi in Fu Jian China. It has almost 400 years history. It is Semi-fermented tea. Tie Guan Yin has Jade Green Color, strong floral smell and light sweet taste. It is very good for health and prevents cancers.


5. Great Red Robe Oolong Tea

    Great Red Robe Oolong Tea grows in Wu Yi Mountain in Fu Jian China. It is the top quality Oolong tea, not only because it is an imperial Tea since Song Dynasty almost 900 years history, but also grows in the gaps between rocks and very difficult to pick. Great Red Robe Oolong tea has strong floral fragrance, light red color and seems you can taste the rock smell.


6. Aged Pu Er Tea

    Pu Er grows in Yun Nan. It has almost 1800 years history. It is fully fermented black tea, and like red wine, the longer you keep the better they are tasted. Frequently drinking Pu Er tea, you are able to tell the age of the Pu Er. The fragrance is not like Green tea or Oolong tea so strong, rather very light, but very comfortable and last. Pu Er tea can improve the function of stomach, and cleaning digest system.

 This premium Chinese Tea Gift box, each packet valued at $ 6.50, and we provide 6 different kinds, and offer $39.00 including postage within Australia.  Welcome to try, wish you like them!

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