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Traditional Chinese 4 Pillars Astrology Life Chart

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Traditional Chinese 4 Pillars Astrology Life Chart

Ancient Chinese believes the way of nature, and based on nature created a series of natural philosophy. Their intention is not to use these knowledge and wisdom to tell the fortune or predict future, but rather to provide information to every human being to know and understand themselves, in order to live better, confidently and have a prosperous life.

According to your birth year, month, date and hour, the chart can provide you with

1. Zodiac Year

2. Heaven branches and earth stems in your 4 pillars

3. Five elements

    w Health w Positive Color w Lucky Direction

    w Career w Lucky Number w Best Matching Relationship

4. Body Energy

5. Natural Destiny

     w Personality

     w Information’ of your natural destiny

6. Astrology stars

7. Next 5 years fortune

8. The Basic knowledge of Traditional Chinese natural Philosophy 

Please provide us with your Birth Year, Month, Date and Hour to complete the Chart. Thank you for your interest!

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