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Standard Meridian Points of Acupuncture Charts

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Standard Meridian Points of Acupuncture Charts


This set of charts, the first of its kind in standard form to be made in China, has been prepared by the institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine under the supervision of the State Standard of the People's Republic of China for the Location of Acupoints. It is published for the pirpose of helping with implementing the Standard and facilitating clinical practice, teaching and research.


The same specialists who participated in compiling the Standard are authors of these charts. The charts respectively show names and locations of meridians and acupoints on front, back and lateral sides of human body, along with the international standard nomenclature and alphameric code. The booklet accompanying the charts describes in detail names and locations of 409 points ( 361 meridian points and 48 extra points ) to facilitate the use of the charts.


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L: 1100 mm

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